Our process

Our slogan at Ashville Places is „Giving the past a future” and that summarises what our task was with Stradomska 7. We had to take a historical monument with 500 years worth of history and heritage and bring it into modern life. Make it fit for new purpose in the modern world whilst respecting the history of the building.

Stradonia Serviced Apartments was a large enterprise. Its accomplishment required involvement of many specialists and companies. The major element of the project was that it was a large, very technical construction.

In the 1970s the building was registered as a historical monument.
The biggest challenge during the project’s completion was reconciliation of the building’s historical character with the demands of the modern market. We applied modifications in the building’s structure, for example the adaptation of the attic for the residential purpose, addition of two elevators while retaining the antique staircase, restoring historical wall paintings, insertion of soundproof windows and commercial units on ground level.

The process of planning is crucial to every project. This phase includes goals and needs analysis, fact finding, time scales preparation and budget.

All necessary permits and licences are defined and planned to get. The team consisting of construction engineers building company, architects, interior designers and other necessary to succeed focuses on the project.

7 Stradomska building was purchased in 2006. Located steps away from the Wawel Castle, reqistered as a historical monument and in dilapidated state demanded a team of specialists consisting of conservators, constructors and architects to plan and be delivered meeting our standards

We offer a deep market knowledge and experience in construction process planning and management. We manage, assist and advise in tendering and offer expert knowledge in construction contracts as well as the building phase management.

We managed tendering process and chose a company that specialises in Kraków historical buildings. We managed to receive all necessary permits allowing us to modernise the building to meet expectations of the contemporary market. The construction started in 2013.

We offer management and consulting in interior design projects and execution.

We have built a database of tested partners who guarantee smooth execution of the designs. We split the process into phases to control quality and budget at every stage. We offer deep insight knowledge of market expectations and trends to deliver long lasting and universal products.

Together with the construction a process of the execution design started. With a team of architects we prepared the interior design. Our primary aim was to create the best serviced apartments in Kraków. We negotiated and purchased necessary equipment.

We successfully run groups of apartments in Kraków. We offer operation contracts for groups of apartments and apartment properties. We invite owners and managers to become a partner of quickly developing Ashville Places. We offer cooperation to those who already have their products developed but also those who need assistance in the process.

Stradonia Serviced Apartments is a success. With 9.7 rating and tens of thousands of satisfied guests is a pearl in our portfolio.